Complete Optimization
Here our goal is to make complete website or app run as fast as possible under any kind of load.

We solve Front-End performace issues

We solve Back-End performance issues

We solve Database performance issues

We solve Architecture issues if any

We solve other miscellaneous stuff which may vary depending upon environment.

Front-End Optimization

( Sample Front-End optimization techniques we use )

We optimize the css code by minifying, merging, avoiding some css tricks, custom hacks etc..

We optimize javascript code by code optimization, making the script to render last, minifying, merging, custom hacks etc..

We optimzie images by size reduction, deferring image load, merging, choosing right format, using CDN, custom hacks etc..

We discourage Bad DOM strucutre, sync XHR, too many dns look ups, page redirects,404 errors etc..

We encourage Less dns look ups, caching, using e-tags,using CDN, giving the browser enough info to parse immediately etc..

Back-End Optimization

( Sample Back-End optimization techniques we use )

We fine-tune web server

We implement appropriate caching methods depending upon the programming languages,environment etc..

We optimize back-end code

We make HTTP keep alive

We fine-tune MVC(Model,View,Controller) architecture

We fine-tune entire Back-End Archiecture so that calls to the databases and replying back to the browser are made ASAP.

Database Optimization
First we will find the culprits which are causing the database server to run slow i.e hardware issues, installation issues (or) SQL queries issues by using different statistics. Normally 75% of the time it's related to SQL queries.

We will find out problematic queries

We fine-tune queries by implementing proper indexes, writing good sql, dropping un-used indexes and hacking complex sql etc..

We make databases to re-use execution plan

We minimize databases overload

We optimize databases setup

Other Optimizations

( Sample Other techniques we use )

We find out and solve application architecture issues ( if any )

We implement high-scalable architecture so that website or app run fast during peak load times

We suggest and implement proper hosting provider which can support the website or application under any kind of load